Is it time to buy your second home?

June 6, 2022
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Is it time to buy your second home?

This week I was invited to attend the Leaders in Luxury Real Estate conference in Denver, Colorado where I was introduced to fractional home ownership. 

What if I told you that, you could own a 5 million dollar home for $500,000, would you ask me how? Well, you can now own a piece of heaven in some of the most desirable places to live & visit in the world. To name a few Los Angeles, Malibu, Napa Valley, Palm Springs, Florida, Aspen, Spain, and many more. 

FYI: In case you’re wondering or have concluded, it is NOT a timeshare. You own the property & could sell your portion of it just like your own home. It’s the modern way to buy and own a second home. 


Luxury homes in over 40 world-class destinations. Walk through any home virtually or we can show you amazing properties in person. Choose the amount of ownership that’s right for you, starting at? 


Competitive financing is available for up to 70% of your purchase; homes come professionally designed and fully furnished. We’ll walk you through each step of the process and schedule your first stay. 


True real estate ownership. From expert interior design to ongoing management, dedicated local support, and equitable, app-based scheduling, we make ownership simple and turnkey. 


If you decide to upgrade or sell, do so with confidence. Thousands of active buyers, including existing co-owners, are eager to expand their ownership. On average, listings resell in 12 days for a 12% gain. 

Worth exploring? You know where to find us. 

Written by: 

Tanya V Fernandes. 

Owner | Broker

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