The 5-Star Patio Experience

June 2, 2022
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The 5-Star Patio Experience


Imagine a patio, gorgeous rays, designer shades, and tranquility. This is the picture-perfect summer scene.

Your patio is a luxury reading retreat, a quiet space to reflect, and a place to share experiences. Now is the time to embrace the patio experience. Use these helpful tips to create a 5-star patio experience:

Relax in Luxury and Sunshine

Enjoy your morning coffee before the day is filled with work, family, and commitments. Take time to enjoy the sunrise and get your day started right with some meditations, journaling, or quiet time. For ideas on how to start your morning on a positive note following on one of these five uplifting meditations. Summer days are meant for relaxing in luxury.

Stylish dining under the Stars

Dine on your favorite meals and snacks in style with a gorgeous outdoor dining set. Soak up the rays and spark lively conversations surrounded by the luxurious cushions, candles, and throws. Pick a dining room table that fits in with your décor and your space to ensure maximum comfort. For modern dining and patio upgrade ideas, follow House Beautiful recommended chic patio ideas.

Add Your Favorite Décor!

What makes your soul sing? Is it a fireplace, twinkle lights, gorgeous lilac bushes? Add the little details that turn your patio into the only place you want to be! With only a few months of irresistible summer weather, make the most of it surrounded by your favorite things. Shop local at Bergsma’s Paint and Decor to find outdoor treasures and greenery you will adore.

Love your outdoor space this summer by creating the most beautiful experience for you and your family. Choose pieces that will maximize your summer pleasure and fill you up with joy.

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Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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