Are you looking for a deal or a GREAT deal?

January 6, 2022
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Are you looking for a deal or a GREAT deal?

Going once, going twice, sold to the highest bidder!!! 

Heard that before!

I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous Luxury Real Estate Auction hosted by Supreme Auctions! They were the first Luxury Auction Firm in 2007 & now I am building an alliance with them & getting certified.

Here is the scope simplified:

What is a Real Estate Auction?

    • A real estate auction is an innovative and effective method of selling real estate.

    • It is an intense, accelerated marketing process that involves the sale of a property – including those that are non-distressed, through open cry, competitive bidding, and online platforms.

5 top benefits to a seller: 

    •  Auctions create a sense of urgency 

    •  Maximize the property’s true market value. No limit on potential

    •  Property sold AS-IS with conditions of sale set in advance eliminating negotiations

    •  Time Driven Results – sellers are pre-qualified

    •  Superior national & international advertising exclusively featuring the property

Why do buyers find it attractive to purchase properties via Luxury RE Auctions?

    •  Buyers want to purchase at fair market value

    •  Buyers know sellers are motivated to sell

    •  Buyers have the ability to purchase before the Auction – why?

                        i. Fear of paying too much

                        ii. Fear of being outbid

                        iii. Fear of being in a room bidding against each other

Do you qualify as a buyer or seller? Well, let’s find out. 

Written by:
Tanya V Fernandes
Owner | Broker

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