Styling is Everything!

January 10, 2022
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Styling is Everything!


Styling goes far beyond renting a velvet couch and adding an area rug.

When a realtor is styling your home, they are doing more than moving furniture around; they are creating a feeling. Styling brings out the best in the home and creates an excitement within the walls.

Styling involves so much more than adding an accent pillow – it is a total transformation. As an experienced real estate professional, styling a home includes incorporating colours that attract people, highlighting the best features of the home to make it irresistible.

“Styling is buying shoes in a lavish box wrapped up with a beautiful ribbon. Staging is buying shoes in a bag. The attention to detail that goes into styling a home is a luxury worth investing in.”

Tanya Fernandes

Styling goes far beyond renting a velvet couch and adding an area rug. A style upgrade includes looking at the paint, the flooring, the artwork, and the lighting.

Every detail will add a vibrancy to the home that allows the seller to maximize the value of their real estate investment. Buyers are looking to purchase a lifestyle – styling allows the homeowner to offer the lifestyle buyers dream about

“Fashion is an instant language.”

– Miuccia Prada

At Forest Hill Keystone, we style with precision and elegance. We want the home to embody joy through an unforgettable presentation.

The most important elements involved in styling are:

Lighting – the right lighting fixture creates an intimate ambiance

  • Colour – colours are selected to create a joyful mood
  • Furnishings – furnishings are chosen to represent an enviable lifestyle
  • Excitement – styling is a vehicle used to turn up the energy in your home!

At Forest Hill Keystone, we are here to help you fall in love with your home. Let’s chat about how we can help you achieve your real estate goals for 2020 and beyond.

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Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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