STATIONSIDE Condo’s, MILTON’s hottest new development.

May 13, 2024
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STATIONSIDE Condo’s, MILTON’s hottest new development.

We are excited to announce a promising pre-construction collaboration with STATIONSIDE Condo’s, MILTON’s hottest new development.

RBC has offered us:

  • FIRM APPROVALS which means the client gets their approval now as we do the full application at the time of purchase and that approval will be valid until their closing date.
  • BLANKET APPRAISAL which avoids the chance that an appraisal could come back lower than the purchase price (including any upgrades) as we guarantee it will be the same value as the client paid
  • PREFERRED RATES which we can hold for the clients for 3 years. These rates will be guaranteed for them for the 3 years and can be extended or reset if needed at that time. Once registration is confirmed, the clients will get the lower of the rates we held for them, or the rates at the time of closing, whichever is the lowest
  • FREE HOME PROTECTOR which covers the clients for life and disability should the unexpected happen prior to closing. At time of registration the clients can choose to keep the coverage or decline it, but it is always recommended

Nicole Oliveira

Royal Bank – Mortgage Specialist

Cell: 437-551-8926


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