Multiple Offers are Back with a Bang!

January 26, 2024
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Multiple Offers are Back with a Bang!

Multiple Offers are Back with a Bang!

A home comes up for sale, beautifully staged, has all the must have features to get a phenomenal amount of interest in it. It’s challenging to book a 30 minute showings because it’s all reserved. We finally get a showing booked & our clients are well informed that the price tag is not a reflection of what the home will sell for on Offer Date!

Cut to Offer date: 17 offers lined up & how do we STAND OUT from the crowd!

  • Build rapore with the agent, because unless he is your best friend, he won’t remember your name out of the 50 agents that call him with interest in the property.
  • Talk to him about your client & how they are the perfect fit for the home.
  • Do a pre-inspection walkthrough usually under 60 minutes so that the clients have peace of mind.
  • Notify the lender with the MLS listing, giving them a heads up. A Pre-Approval will keep you ahead of the Curb & speed up the financing process.
  • Register the offer for constant updates.

Offer evening we are one of the top offers, however we DO NOT get the home as there may have been an offer that probably had better terms & price.

Next Day:

I get an email saying that the home is Sold Conditional & good luck with our search. Bummer!

I send a message to the agent at 9:20AM congratulating him on accepting a wining bid! Along with that message I say: ‘If for whatever reason the deal fell through, I should be your ONLY call’. 7:10PM I receive a call saying the deposit is not coming in, are my clients STILL INTERESTED!


Hell Ya!

We renegotiate a conditional offer & a week later the home is theirs.

When looking for a broker or brokerage to represent you, key values to consider:



Confidence in getting the job done!

Let’s Talk to get the entire scoop.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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