How a Buyer Mindset Helps Sell your Home

January 1, 2020
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How a Buyer Mindset Helps Sell your Home


Selling real estate is not just about numbers; it is also an emotional decision. Preparing to sell
your home can invoke feelings of nostalgia and memories of joy, which can cloud your judgment
when staging or agreeing on the sale price.

To make the transition as seamless as possible, work with an experienced realtor who will help
you understand the mindset of the buyer. Thinking like a buyer removes the emotion from the
sale and pivots the focus to the results.

Thinking like a buyer in these three areas will result in a successful sale:

  • Price
  • Presentation
  • Power

Why does this strategy work? Let’s take a closer look!


The market dictates price; emotion does not. Before you set your price, review the comparable
properties in the area with your experienced realtor. This process will provide you with an
understanding of the market demand and tolerance for price. As valuable as you deem your
property to be, reviewing these numbers will give you an accurate cost per square foot. Pricing
your property to reflect the current market demand will attract the right buyer and provide an
exceptional opportunity for a rapid sale.


Your home is your sanctuary. All of your personal items make you feel comfortable, safe, and
loved. Buyers want to envision their own family in the home and their potential to make new
memories. Work with your realtor to stage your home so it highlights the features and benefits
of the space and allows the buyer to see a gorgeous canvas in which they can create the life
they have always dreamt of.


When both the buyer and seller feel like they walked away with a fair and honest deal, everyone
wins. The buyer is as much a part of this transaction as the seller. Taking the time to
understand the buyer’s point-of-view will give the seller the clarity they require to complete the
sale. A happy buyer will nurture the harmony the seller has built in the home for years to come.

Creating an inviting space for the buyer will result in a win for the seller. With our expert advice,
we can help buyers and sellers come out on top. Forest Hill Keystone is a luxury Milton based
Brokerage helping buyers and sellers realize their goals. We pride ourselves on exceptional
service and proven results. If you are thinking of buying or selling your home, contact us today
we would love to help!

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