Community & Collaboration 

April 13, 2023
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Community & Collaboration

Community & Collaboration 

We rolled out the red carpet for the business after hours members & friends of the chamber of commerce. How else do you expect us to greet royalty! It was an evening of conversation & connection where we came together as a business community to support & learn about one & another passions & pain. I have been a privileged member since 2014 & now serving as a Board Member since 2021.

The Milton Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization that represents over 700 businesses in the Milton community. Its main focus is on advocacy and creating a business-friendly environment to support the success of the free enterprise system. The chamber organizes various events such as Business After Hours which we hosted, Special Events, and Breakfast Meetings, which provide networking opportunities for members to interact, share information, and build business relationships.

One of the chamber’s roles is to promote its member businesses. It does this through member-to-member advertising, member-first referrals, as well as through its own publications and sponsored events. By actively promoting its members, the chamber aims to support their growth and success.

The chamber offers several programs and services tailored to the needs of its members and the Milton community. Networking events are organized to help members make new contacts and generate leads for their businesses. Business seminars are provided to equip members with tools and knowledge to improve their business operations. Member advertising opportunities are available, allowing businesses to target their marketing efforts towards other businesses, the local community, and visitors. Additionally, the chamber keeps its members informed and connected through various programs and events.

The Milton Chamber of Commerce also engages in government affairs, where it represents key business issues to the relevant authorities. This advocacy role ensures that the chamber’s members have a voice in matters that impact their businesses and the local economy.
Overall, the Milton Chamber of Commerce serves as a voice for the local business community, providing support, networking opportunities, and advocacy to foster a thriving business environment in Milton.

If you own a business or would like to see it flourish & grow, learn, innovate, get support, guidance & create some FOMO just reach out, I would be happy to help.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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