Kelly McArdle

Director of Business Operations


A successful real estate company requires someone behind the scenes to coordinate all of the moving pieces with efficiency, grace and flexibility.
We are honored & excited to bring onboard Kelly McArdle, the new Director of Business Operations at Forest Hill Keystone. She has many years of experience within the real estate industry. Business management, good judgment, and leadership are qualities she has in abundance.
Kelly has called Milton “home” for over a decade and has seen it grow from a small suburban town to a city in its own right. She’s proud of Milton’s growth and absolutely loves making it feel like home to others. She has been a previous business owner and a counseling yoga therapist (which lends itself well to real estate!).
Kelly enjoys the finer things in life, like being a mom to two handsome boys, being Steve McArdle’s soulmate, mountain biking, skiing, CrossFit, murder mysteries, and fine wine.