What the FHK Ladies LOVE about Real Estate!

February 14, 2021
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What the FHK Ladies LOVE about Real Estate!


When asked what the FHK family LOVE about working in Real Estate, they were more than excited to share – let’s dive in!

It turns out that Vasha loves to help others, “I see being in Real Estate as a gateway to being of service. Having been raised to love all, serve all, serving others is the aspect of my job I love the most! All the people I get to connect with along the way is a bonus. I love helping families and individuals achieve security and stability through Real Estate investments – those are golden moments right there!”

Did someone say organization and decorating? You just called out Katie’s favourite things! Katie loves to help her clients through the buying and selling process, including getting their home ready for sale. A beautifully styled home lights Katie up.

When we asked Jakelin about real estate, she opened her heart, “There are so many factors that make me love real estate! I love making sure all legally binding documents are in place. This is essential for a successful transaction. Purchasing Real Estate is a milestone – being able to help with the administrative work makes me love what I do.”

Tanya is a force in the Milton community! She adores getting to know her clients as they work through the process of buying and selling a home. She loves that her relationship with her clients extends beyond the transaction; most have become great friends.

When we asked Sharon what she loves about real estate, she shared there was nothing better than helping families find their perfect home. When her clients are happy, it warms her heart.

There is so much to love about real estate in Milton! Drop by the Forest Hill Keystone office on Main street to say hello, share a coffee and discuss what you love about real estate – we can’t wait to hear all about it.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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