The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist ™– (CLHMS)

January 5, 2022
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The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist ™– (CLHMS)


Every year I dedicate a couple of weeks to professional training towards my craft. 2022 has been no different. I am proud to present to you my designation as your Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™.

I am always looking for new ways to add value to the clients we serve. I learnt earlier in my life that an abundance mindset in every endeavour will attract abundance. My relationship with marketing has been no different.

Our marketing campaign for 2021 – WE ARE NOT JUST A LAWN SIGN is true to how we choose to do business. Every home that we represent has a unique story that attracts a niche audience who we want to reach beyond the 3 typical mediums being:

  • Lawn Sign (Ours is a Solar Lawn Sign FYI).
  • MLS upload aka
  • Pray someone will buy this house?

We don’t just list homes, we market them & there is a method to this madness as our typical turnaround time from when we receive a commitment from a client till the time we have the SOLD sign go up is typically less than 14 days. (As per the cover above of Homes & Land magazine; here’s a glimpse of one of our client’s properties that we marketed and sold. Click here if you’d like to watch the property video.)

Our secret is embedded in this link THE SELLER EXPERIENCE.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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