Luxury DIY Décor Projects

November 9, 2022
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Luxury DIY Décor Projects


There’s nothing quite like a breath taking decor to set the tone for your entire home. Whether your style is rich and regal, sleek and modern, classically elegant, or somewhere in between, the following design tips will help you add luxury DIY décor to your beautiful home.

Get Caught up in Colour

As in fashion, colour plays a vital role in interior design. This year’s paint and wallpaper colour trends have trickled down from the fashion capital of the world – Milan. From the runways to your living room, 2020’s most-beautiful colours include bubbly Champagne and timeless navy blue, which provides a surprisingly neutral backdrop for your room. Golden yellows and bright orange are famous for creating a warm and sunny space; use deep reds and inky charcoals for rooms that want to wow.

Incorporate Texture and Pattern

Once you’ve fallen in love with your new colour palette, you’ll want to bring it to life by layering in rich, luxe textures and patterns. For instance, imagine a plush, dark blue velvet sofa in front of your gorgeous navy walls. Or picture buttery-soft leather armchairs, a patterned rug, and dark oak floors, with charcoal as your dramatic backdrop. As long as you work within a consistent colour scheme, you can introduce multiple textures, patterns, and even tapestries to build a room that is both cohesive and sophisticated.

Art and Accents add Fun

But you’re not done yet! After all, this is your living room, and it should reflect the way you live. Use accents and art to infuse your room with your personality. Choose gorgeous throw cushions in a fabric that makes you happy. Or achieve the drama of a significant art piece by displaying a tight grid of frames with photos from your travels. Antique art is also incredibly popular these days, so display something old alongside your new treasures and get ready to tell its story the next time you entertain in your modern living room!

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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