Light Up Your World: The Instagram Effect

September 8, 2020
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Light Up Your World: The Instagram Effect


Social media has influenced our ideas of beauty. We joke about making our food, home, and lives gorgeous enough that they are Insta Worthy.

Social media has influenced our ideas of beauty. We joke about making our food, home, and lives gorgeous enough that they are Insta Worthy because apps like Instagram have inspired us to be picture perfect. So how do we translate the stunning, curated vignettes that we scroll past on our phones into real life, and specifically, our homes?

Tricks of the Trade

Let’s take a step back and understand what makes an Insta shot Insta Worthy. Sure, a beautiful person, or product, being featured is key, but what’s driving our desire is how those elements have been styled and presented. A good Insta photo uses a combination of scale and lighting to capture the desired vibe. And that’s precisely what we can use in our own homes for the same swoon-worthy effect.

Luxurious Lighting

It all starts with good lighting. Lighting sets the tone and creates the atmosphere in a room. It adds warmth, richness, and drama, as well as function. The golden rule of excellent lighting design is to use the right type of light fitting in the correct position – and to make it dimmable!
Lighting should be used to provide focal points within a room. The eye is always drawn to the brightest point, so a correctly recessed spotlight, for instance, will highlight a piece of art or a mirror over a fireplace to help create design depth and interest.

Sophisticated Scale

Scale in design, just like in photography, is equally important. Scale refers to how elements in a single space relate to one another. For instance, a large room can handle oversized furniture and objects while a small space benefits from beautiful, more delicate items. A room’s main piece of furniture, like a sofa or dining table, will set the stage for the scale of all the other furnishings. Scale even extends to patterns and the use of white space. A room rarely looks good when every inch of it is filled with something. It’s important to leave some white space, so the eye has room to rest.

So next time you swipe past a stunning space on Instagram, remember that you, too, can create the same effect with the right lighting and scale. And when you do, snap a photo and post it! Follow us on Instagram @fh_keystone_realestate for updated information on what is happening at Forest Hill Keystone and in the community.

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Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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