Is Investing in Real Estate right FOR YOU?

March 5, 2020
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Is Investing in Real Estate right FOR YOU?


“The key to successful real estate investing is working with a Realtor who understands it.”
Forest Hill Keystone recently hosted a seminar, “Buy an Investment Property – Wealth Through Property Investment.”

The packed seminar explored the advantages of Real Estate Investing with special guest Dion Beg, Mortgage Agent at Dion Beg Butler Mortgages.

Dion sees real estate investing as the path to the good life and he advises, “The key to successful real estate investing is working with a Realtor who understands it.”

To find a Realtor who understands real estate investing, ask yourself two important questions:

Does my realtor invest in real estate?

Tanya Fernandes, the Managing Partner at Forest Hill Keystone, invests in real estate and understands what it takes to succeed. Contact Tanya and discover the many advantages to becoming a real estate investor in the current GTA market.

Top 3 reasons to invest in Real Estate

The seminar focused on the fact that owning real estate provides the homeowner with choice. Over time, real estate appreciates and can be sold, or refinanced, providing options when it comes to:

  1. Retirement – as your tenants pay down the mortgage, your asset increases in value. In 10+ years, your asset will provide you a lump sum, or continued positive cash flow, to finance the retirement of your dreams
  2. Pay off your primary mortgage – use positive cash flow, equity, and additional funds, to pay down your primary mortgage in an accelerated time frame
  3. Invest in your child’s future – Investing in real estate provides an asset you can sell or refinance to pay for your child’s education or future needs.

In How to Achieve Wealth Through Property Investment: Part 2 we will discuss being a Landlord and Property Management options.

Eager to learn more? Join us for our next Real Estate Investment seminar on April 16th by signing up here or contact Forest Hill Keystone anytime to discover if real estate investing is for you.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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