Home is where the heart (and soul) is!

January 30, 2022
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Home is where the heart (and soul) is!


When The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy shut her eyes tight, clicked her ruby red heels and whispered “There’s no place like home,” she was definitely onto something!

Home is a powerful retreat–a safe haven filled with beauty and happiness. Read on for five secrets to adding soul to your space.

Start with an Inspiration Board: Soul is an emotional energy that means different things to different people. Home in on what it means to you, in relation to your home, by creating an inspiration board that you can use as a reference to stay focused on what you love. This isn’t about trends it’s about identifying what brings you joy so can incorporate that into your daily living.

Add Warmth and Coziness: Designer Brian Gluckstien suggests including hues like reds, oranges, and yellows to bring warmth to space. He points out that wood-paneled walls also feel particularly soulful and cozy. Click here for more of his expert design tips on making your home soulful.

Make it Personal: Your house can be gorgeous and luxurious, but still personal and inviting. A wonderful way to bring soul to a room is to add in something that is hand-made or has history. Think of a custom-made piece of furniture, a beautiful cashmere knit blanket…even your children’s artwork (framed and preserved) can add a sense of soulfulness to your home.

Be Perfectly Imperfect: Let your home be lived in. Your space has soul when it’s inviting, beckoning family and friends to come in, relax and stay awhile. Your house should be well thought out and appointed with lovely things, but it doesn’t have to look like a museum.

Showcase What You Love: A great way to add a soul to your home is to show visitors who live there. Display family photos (ideally all together for greater impact), collections and treasures from trips, and favourite books. After all, it’s your home and it should reflect what makes you happy. That’s ultimately the difference between just a beautiful home and a soulful home.

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Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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