Home for the Holidays! #mumbaidiaries

December 23, 2021
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Home for the Holidays! #mumbaidiaries

It’s been 2yrs since I last hugged my mom, dad & loved ones. The 15hrs of flying time was worth every minute including all the protocols that kept me on high alert, on-demand I had every document right from my passport to PCR.

Travel has always been about experiences for me & the attention to detail right from the airline you fly with to the hotel stay, it’s truly the interactions with the staff that make it memorable or miserable. Hands down Indian hospitality is second to none.

My favourite place to revisit every time I am in Mumbai is Taj Land’s End near Bollywood star #ShahrukhKhans home. The Christmas décor is always elaborate and screams festivities.

I recently learnt that Canada’s permanent resident arrivals by country of citizenship showed India as the number one country in 2021 (as of August) @64,750 followed by China @18,510. The first-time homebuyer/new to Canada has spiked a significant growth in my business over the last couple of years. Thus, I have decided to host a lunch & learn in Mumbai for family & friends looking to immigrate to Canada in the next couple of years.

Immigration to Canada has definitely been a key contributor to keeping our Real Estate Industry & Canadian Economy thriving over the past decade, especially during the pandemic. The Federal Government has continued to increase immigration levels to over 400,000 Newcomers to Canada this year and again in 2022 & 2023. #buzzconference

If you have family & friends thinking of moving to Canada, give us a shout. We have reputable partners that can help assist in the process. White glove service all the way #fhkexperience.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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