Even a dead clock shows the right time twice a day!

March 3, 2022
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Even a dead clock shows the right time twice a day!

My dad told me this AM, every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows the right time twice a day. Stay Positive!

Breaking news this week: The Bank of Canada hiked its key interest rate to 0.5 per cent in an effort to “take some steam” out of the economy and tamp down on surging inflation, but economists are warning that high prices will remain a regular part of life for months to come.

In a statement accompanying the decision, the Bank of Canada said the war in Ukraine is “a major new source of uncertainty” that is driving prices higher on oil and other commodities.

“This will add to inflation around the world, and negative impacts on confidence and new supply disruptions could weigh on global growth. Financial market volatility has increased. The situation remains fluid and we are following events closely,” the bank wrote.

The phone calls start, Is it a good time to buy? Yes. Is it a good time to buy & sell? Yes. Is there opportunity in this market? Yes. Would you do the same Tanya? Yes. I am Staying Positive! For a further debate or discussion, you know how to find me.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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