Do you know what your home is worth OR are you guessing?

March 10, 2022
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Do you know what your home is worth OR are you guessing?


There is a folder that sits on the 3rd tier in the right column of my laptop that most likely has the value of your home in it especially if we have worked together in the past. It’s called CMA’s 2022 aka Comparative Market Analysis. This is sent out only upon request or if you have subscribed to it.

Beginning of every year I spend time evaluating the appreciation of properties that my clients have invested in, it could either be a primary residence, investment property or both. This document is a breakdown of pure sold & for sales data within that micro pocket using similar characteristics & features of current market trends. Incase you’re wondering it is NOT an automated program, it’s a service my team & I spend time dissecting & evaluating as we understand that every property is unique & the some more than others.

The game plan over here is for you to make an informed decision OR own the bragging rights to what a smart decision you made in your purchase & realtor of course.

Lots can be done with that appreciation all it needs is a conversation!

Written by:

Tanya Vakil Fernandes
Owner | Broker

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