Create New Memories in your Kitchen

January 10, 2021
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Create New Memories in your Kitchen


Now that we are in self-isolation, your kitchen can be the source of new memories.

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home. It is a gathering spot for family and friends to meet up, share the day’s events, and break bread. Food and drink will always bring people together – use this time to connect with friends and family in a slightly different way.

Three ways to create new memories and be productive in the kitchen:

  • Virtual Wine and Cheese
  • New Recipes with the Kids
  • Clean out the Cupboards

Virtual Wine and Cheese

Zoom wine and cheese parties have become popular over the past few weeks, and why not. With our new reality, hosting a virtual wine and cheese is a way to stay connected to your friends and family as we navigate our new world. Your kitchen is still the place to share stories and make new memories – now is no different. These virtual gatherings are sure to put a much-needed smile on your face!

Try New Recipes with the Kids

With the kids at home, take some time to try a new recipe – you might even find a new favorite! Pass the time by engaging the kids in cooking or baking. It’s a great way to connect and to be creative. Kids love to help in the kitchen and these special memories will last a lifetime. With so many recipes available online, you can choose a new one every week to try.

Clean out the Cupboards

If you often say, “I want to clear out the kitchen, but I never have time”, now is the perfect time to tackle this task. Empty one cupboard every day and work your way around the kitchen. You may find treasures you didn’t even know you had! At the end of a few weeks, your kitchen will be organized, and you will feel accomplished.

How we at Forest Hill Keystone are helping our clients during these unprecedented times:

  • Virtual Meeting & Consultations
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Leveraging our strong online marketing strategies for our Sellers: Custom Website – 3D Matteoport – Interactive Floor Plans – HD Video – HD Pictures – Custom Online Brocheurs – are few of our items on the menu 🙂
  • Working with professional partners to facilitate our Buyers: Mortgage Specialist – Lawyers – Home Inspectors – Appraisers
  • We say NO to Open Houses

Contact us anytime with questions, concerns or for an update on the market. We are here for you and happy to connect anytime.

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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