Canada’s first 3D-printed homes are becoming a reality!

August 18, 2022
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Canada’s first 3D-printed homes are becoming a reality!

Being able to build a house at the push of a button may seem like a farfetched idea, but with the launch of Canada’s first-ever 3D printed homes, that reality may be closer than you realize.

As part of a new project from Habitat for Humanity, a group of four 500 sq. ft. homes are going up in Leamington, ON with wall structures that have been entirely 3D printed. To build the houses Habitat contracted leading Canadian 3D construction printing firm nidus3D. The company’s gantry-style printer methodically printed layer after layer of concrete walls, replacing what would traditionally be a manually built wooden frame. Though the wall structures were entirely 3D printed, the rest of the building is being done manually. However, nidus3D believes that in the future, every element could be performed by machinery. Given the efficiency and cost savings of 3D-printing, this new technology could help solve Canada’s housing supply crisis.

“This is an exciting future. New types of jobs will be created for construction engineers and technicians,” indicated Nguyen. “We are bringing together different disciplines: computer engineering, architecture, and construction. The achievement of a $100/sq ft building can be a game changer for the construction industry and impact the future of everyone who needs a place to live. We can’t predict all the twists and turns ahead but we do know it will be fun and exciting to watch.”

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Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner

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