A Night to Remember #arbbXfhk

December 14, 2021
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A Night to Remember #arbbXfhk

The 3rd of December was a memorable evening for me & FHK! 

It was our 3rd Annual Appreciation Awards Gala & Holiday Party hosted by my company & my husband’s company hence #arbbXfhk, ARBB aka Aldrin Raphael Business Brokers – aldrin.ca in case you’re thinking of buying or selling a business. Fyi: They are Ontario’s #1 business brokering firm. Moving on…

I was going to share my speech with you, however, I decided it may be best if I talk about it with you over a phone call as the intention was to come across as fun, some may see it as feisty. However, it was fabulous as I was told more than once!

FHK, our team partners & I have had our best year ever with over 80 million of real property sold as of Nov. 2021, ain’t that awesome for year 3. I think so!

I believe that it is important to celebrate, acknowledge & reward people that contributed to your success on multiple levels. Giving thanks & being grateful, have been the core beliefs of my business & personal practices. The people you surround yourself with are the ones that impact the lifestyle, SO choose wisely & eliminate them expeditiously. (I am still working on the latter.)

Written by:
Tanya Vakil Fernandes
Owner | Broker

Shout out to our Cinematographer:
Gavin McLeod
(He rocks! Literally!)

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