What does Warren Buffett say about investing?

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What does Warren Buffett say about investing?

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Buffett swears by a buy and hold investing strategy, which essentially refers to a strategy where one buys a security and then keeps it in the portfolio over a long period of time.
“Just buy something for less than it's worth.” -Warren Buffet

Am I making personal real estate investments now – YES!

Why? Because I have done this before in 2020 March when everything came to a standstill & it has served me well. You need to step on the gas when everyone pauses & seize opportunities that would have been a frenzy a couple of months ago. DISCLAIMER ALERT: This may not be the right approach for everyone. However, exploring your options may not hurt if your goal is to create generational wealth.

Say you buy an investment property & are concerned about the rent that determines your cash flow. Read below:

Rental prices surging across the country Canada’s housing market might be calming down but when it comes to the rental market, things are only starting to heat up. According to stats from Rentals.ca, rental prices across the country have blown by their pre-pandemic records. UP 10 per cent from last year making it the steepest monthly increase since May 2019. Vancouver took the dubious honour of being the most expensive rental market in Canada, where the average rate for two-bedroom apartment in June was $3,495. This has increased by 24 per cent versus the same month last year. By comparison, Torontonians can expect to pay $3,000 for a two-bedroom unit, which is up more than 21 per cent since last year.

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