A True Story: A Bidding War Before Back to School

By: Forest Hill Real Estate

A True Story: A Bidding War Before Back to School

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Last Monday was an array of mixed emotions for the sellers, buyers, agents & the enthusiastic clients presenting fantastic offers, safe to say probably 100 of us were involved in the sale of 120 Donovan Hts. in Milton

Let me simplify…

Why such a BUZZ??? Well, we created it, that’s what we do if you didn’t know? Check out our FHK seller experience if you would like to know more about our services or talk to our long list of clients to see what they have to say. 

9 A.M - Email goes out via our kickass listing system BrokerBay to all showing agents with offer instructions. Please register all offers by 5pm ++++++

9:09 AM till 7:00 PM - my phone won’t stop ringing off the hook (I have never seen my phone battery die that fast)

9:09 AM till 7:00 PM – organize offers as they come in & start to categorize them in order of PRICE | DEPOSIT | CLOSING | CONDITIONS | INCLUSIONS | TOP 5 OFFERS

8:00 PM - we present

9:30 PM - negotiations come to a close & we have a winner & wine!

I will modestly agree that there is a significant lack of inventory of homes for sale on the market, that’s causing this demand. However, I will say it again – Prize is in the Prep, getting the home runway-ready & spending those $$$ on things that matter the most is critical. A creative marketing plan that launches from a COMING SOON into a SOLD OVER ASKING is not just random luck. There is a method to this madness, that takes place behind the scenes & YES we receive a standing ovation as the performance comes across seamlessly that stands tall on hard work, dedication, determination, experience & most importantly the opportunity + trust from our clients.

Written by:
Tanya Fernandes

Owner | Broker