Shall I LIST my home before the long weekend?

By: Forest Hill Real Estate

Shall I LIST my home before the long weekend?

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Well if it were pre-pandemic, I would probably have a different take on it. Now that things seem to be opening up & people want to take off at the first opportunity they get, whether it’s to cottage country or Toronto Pearson they are taking off.

My take is to wait for the long weekend to pass not by being passive, exploring how other marketing tools could be leveraged:

Depending on how soon you would like to sell your home, every day counts especially if you have bought & need to sell. Therefore this strategy may not be ideal for everyone, however, customization is key & we believe as advisors that one size does not fill all.

Let us tailor it for you! #Bespoke

Written by:
Tanya Vakil Fernandes
Owner | Broker