My Trip to Bahamas #YachtLife

By: Forest Hill Real Estate

My Trip to Bahamas #YachtLife

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On my recent getaway to the Bahamas, I was introduced to the lifestyle of the rich & famous! 

My day on the yacht was spent relaxing, unwinding & admiring homes on Paradise Island owned by Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, the President of Rolex & the list goes on. What I found most intriguing about that day was the concept of a Yacht Broker is similar to a Real Estate Broker aka TVF. 

A home at sea could be experienced by chartering a 5 bedroom/6 bath yacht for $160K a week. (I am thinking a down payment on a home.) This comes with a private chef, housekeeping & your very own captain at sea. FYI: Serena Williams was going to be their next guest. To buy this beauty would be only $15M and change. #YachtLife

My thoughts:

If you’re looking at buying a Yacht or chartering one, I have a great contact. HOWEVER, if you would like to use that $160K towards a down payment for a home or investment property, you know who’s your girl smiley

Written by:
Tanya V Fernandes

Owner | Broker