By: Forest Hill Real Estate



Are you looking for a deal this weekend? Well here is the inside scoop.

There are 950 homes for sale in Halton as of this morning & 226 have PC Status - Price Change/Reductions on them. That’s almost 25% of the homes on the market, not including the relist ones where there may be further reductions. 

Well, I am always going to find a reason for you to buy a home, people are out there shopping & busy with festivities and a savvy buyer is lapping up opportunities that may not last the season. How he/she is thinking: If the mortgage rates have increased, so have the price of homes decreased by 20% to 30% in some instances making this favorable in my eyes & frightful for some. Things to RE-consider with Lower Purchase Prices:

Lower Down Payment 
Lower Land Transfer Taxes
Lower Commissions
Look at Variable Rates as an option
Lower Purchase Price

If you are looking for a great deal this Black Friday weekend that will appreciate in value. Call!

Written by:

Tanya Fernandes
Broker | Owner