A Glamour Getaway!

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A Glamour Getaway!

Tags: A Glamour Getaway!


This blog is inspired by my recent introduction to the world of Formula 1 in Montreal.

Have you heard of the ‘The 2 second pit stop!’ #montrealgrandprix2022
I couldn’t believe it until I experienced it from Grandstand 1 wishing I was at the Paddock Club, one day when I sell a home to a F1 Driver – intension has been set. 

Curious? Click the link below.
TOP 5 Most EXPENSIVE Houses of F1 DRIVERS! - YouTube

My fascination was with performance, not speed. The intensity & excitement was off the charts. Energy was high & emotions were running even higher as we cheered & cringed in our seats as they lapped in style.  

These feelings were typically reflective of our real estate market in Q1. That has changed, adjusted & even corrected since with Q2 coming to an end in 2022. However, prices are still higher than any quarter in Q1,2,3 or 4 in 2021. Putting things in perspective is essential when making a RE decision whether you are on the Sell, Buy or Invest path. 

Highlight: Bumped into Charles Leclerc #ferrarif1driver (proof attached, lol)


Written by:
Tanya Fernandes
Owner | Broker