3 DIY Projects to Bring Joy to Your Home

By: Forest Hill Real Estate

3 DIY Projects to Bring Joy to Your Home


“There is no joy without gratitude” – Brene Brown

During self-isolation, there is time to complete DIY projects that will bring joy to our home. The following design tips will help you create a beautiful home and feel accomplished over these next few weeks.

“Tidy your space, transform your life.” – Marie Kondo

A de-cluttered space is a peaceful space. Clear out your closets by re-organizing, donating, or recycling the contents, which will give you a sense of accomplishment in this time of uncertainty. Organizing your home is the perfect way to engage your children by having them de-clutter their room, drawers and toy chests. For ideas, seek advice from the expert organizer, Marie Kondo, by clicking here

Gardening Soothes the Soul

Getting back to nature is a way to soothe your mind in the coming weeks. Creating small escapes in your backyard, filled with the greenery you have access to in your home, will give you a natural refuge to retreat to when you need it. Need some great gardening ideas? Check out these luxury gardens

“Colours are a feeling” – Designer, Tiffany Pratt

Your home decor reflects the way you live and your personality – and what better way to celebrate creativity than your child’s artwork? Have your kids create colorful artwork and frame the collection in your living room or kitchen. As we spend more time at home, incorporating bright colors and patterns into your décor will lift your spirits. HGTV’s design expert, Tiffany Pratt, provides ideas on how colour will infuse joy into your home. Which colours are right for you? Connect with Milton’s Bergsma’s Paint and Décor @bergsmaspaint for all of your home décor product needs, paints and wall coverings.



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