12yrs later & I don’t recognize you! #dxb

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12yrs later & I don’t recognize you! #dxb

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When you think of Dubai the first thing that comes to mind is grandeur, opulence, a lifestyle that is in its true essence #luxuryliving. My obsession with real estate was an evolution of my love for design & architecture. What better place to indulge in when in #dxb

12yrs later a spontaneous visit & the skyline had changed. Did you know that majority of the world’s cranes are in Dubai? I toured the Atlantis Royal Residences – the scale of it was truly fascinating. The Burj Khalifa is still the tallest building in the world with home to residences in the clouds & overlooking them too ?. I learnt, if you buy property worth a certain $$$ you would qualify for the “Golden Visa” which comes with a long list of privileges. Thinking of a holiday home? Let’s chat. 

On another note, lots of my friends & family are moving to Canada from Dubai. In 2020-2021 we hosted a few seminars virtually & in-person educating families that are new to Canada or know of someone thinking to make a move. Fyi: A couple of times a week I also get a few inquiries for our properties from #dxb. Interesting Ah?

Revisit my blog from DEC 2021 in case you missed it, "Home For the Holidays"

Immigration to Canada has definitely been a key contributor to keeping our Real Estate Industry & Canadian Economy thriving over the past decade, especially during the pandemic. The Federal Government has continued to increase immigration levels to over 400,000 Newcomers to Canada this year and again in 2022 & 2023. #buzzconference

If you have family & friends thinking of moving to Canada, give us a shout. We have reputable partners that can help assist in the process. White glove service all the way. #fhkexperience

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Tanya Vakil Fernandes
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